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‘World’s First’ Lineup of 2012

The first half of 2012 spelled some really great products and services. Introducing a few that earned the ‘world’s first’ title. Here’s to hoping that LG will not stop in its tracks and continue to create new values for its customers

Video / Voice Call Multitasking through 4G LTE

At the ‘Mobile World Congress’ held in February, LG Electronics demonstrated the first ever multitasking between video and voice call.
At MCW, multitasking to high-resolution voice call or to the video function while making a regular call was demonstrated. Video share is a function that enables the receiver to view the image that the caller is shooting.
The LTE voice call standard is the ‘Conversational Video Service’ technology based on VoLTE which is the Korean standard set by GSMA (Global System for Mobile Association). VoLTE refers to voice calls, SMS services provided through LTE. This technology is building expectations related to faster commercialization of the multitasking function previously impossible under 3G.

Mass Production of Plastic e-Paper

LG Display successfully commenced mass production of the world’s first plastic based E-Ink based 6-inch e-paper display in March.
Previously, it was a challenge to deal with plastic. Since 2010, for a span of two years, ordinary LCD panels were used in production but soon, LG Display began development of its unique plastic technology capable of bearing high insulation temperatures of 350 degrees and above and was ultimately able to pull through with mass production of the item.
With high resistance to heat, the width of the display can be compared to that of a mobile protector film while just one third the thickness of its glass counterpart (0.7mm approximately) and weighs a mere 14 grams. Repeated testing from a 1.5 meter height drop ensured that it was not fragile and bore no marks or damage to its surface.
By offering consumers a product that they really need, LG Display has changed the market with its plastic e-paper, not only in the e-book business but in terms of product design as well.

Nation-wide LTE Network

LG U+ completed setting up its LTE networks in Seoul and metropolitan cities and successively in 84 other Korean cities.
Within 9 months since LTE commercialization last year July, the company achieved a 99.9% near perfect service coverage. The successful setup of a nation-wide service network within such a short span is a world accomplishment.
GSA (Global mobile Suppliers Association) and telecommunications company Erikson recognized LG U+’s achievement in the field. LG U+ was acknowledged the only company to complete a nation-wide LTE network by GSA’s ‘Evolution to LTE Report’ analysis of 57 LTE companies.

Launch of Refrigerated Cosmetics ‘FROSTINE’

image : Launch of Refrigerated Cosmetics ‘FROSTINE’

LG Household & Health Care unveils the world’s first refrigerated cosmetics called FROSTINE, a 0% preservative product which carries the same beneficial substances of organisms habituating in extreme conditions.
In order to ensure that the substances activated only at low temperatures are preserved, temperatures of 3~7℃ are maintained so that the product does not break down due to oxygen while retaining its anti-oxidant features. When skin temperature temporarily lowers and comes back to normal, its ability to be absorbed by the skin increases.
FROSTINE is the first of its kinds in the world with 100% non-preservatives set to change the paradigm of cosmetics.

Full HD LCD Panel for Smartphones

LG Display developed the world’s first 5.0-inch FHD Display for smartphones in May this year.
This is the world’s highest resolution display in smartphones, and a screen with 440ppi, the world’s most intricate screen representation. Last year’s product has been upgraded to a larger screen (by 0.5-inch) yet boasts more than double the amount of pixels. The ppi, which refers to density of pixels has been upgraded 1.3 times.
With the new item hitting the markets, digital reading will become a pleasurable experience with not only a super sharp screen but Full HD resolution video streaming on TVs, monitors and smartphones.

Highly Durable WFC Composite Wood Series ‘WOOZEN Nature’

In May, LG Hausys launched its WOOZEN Nature WFC composite wood and is currently focusing on its release in global markets.
WOOZEN Nature is the new line produced by the joint collaboration of LG Hausys and Dutch company Techwood employing the composite wood packaging technology. This line boasts high resistance to heat and water and represents the same texture and color as natural wood.
The company already has an export deal with Russia in its pocket all thanks to this new line. LG Hausys has been making investments in technology development as well as in setting up production facilities to provide differentiated values in the composite wood business.