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EXPO 2012 YEOSU KOREA  humanity, future, and vision

Together with the Olympics and the World Cup, the Expo is considered one of the 3 greatest world festivals. The purposes of the Expo also known as World Fair or Universal Exposition, are to understand the differences between the human races, to improve the welfare of the humanity, and finally to suggest a vision for the future. It is a festival where technology, civilization and industry are integrated into various topics and people from many different cultures gather together to share different types of technologies and industrial methods. The three keywords to understand the Expo can be thought as humanity, future, and vision.

The Expo, which began for the first time in London, has opened in many cities around the world. It has become a global festival which in this year, can be found in Yeosu. If the Daejeon Expo in 1993 portrayed state of the art technology and the success story of the information industry, the Expo 2012 at Yeosu can be thought of as the place for people to realize the preciousness of the ocean, understand the condition of the marine environment, and create a new vision for the future. As an Environment Expo, the Expo 2012 will be more than just an exhibition of latest technologies. With the South Korean world class information technologies, it will be an ubiquitous exposition.
1 In the Expo 2012, you can find the Theme Pavilion which is the first building in Korea to be built on the ocean, and four sub-theme pavilions – Marine Industry and Technology Pavilion, Marine Civilization Pavilion, Marine City Pavilion, and Climate and Environment Pavilion. 106 nations and 10 International Organizations including, the UN, OECD, GEF, IOC and CBD participated in the Expo 2012. Each participants host respective demonstration. At the individual Company Pavilion, LG, Samsung, SK Telecom, Lotte, POSCO, GS, and Hyundai Motors have participated. Each individual company pavilion has displayed the latest technologies which can be experienced firsthand. At the Fisheries Experience zones (Deep Sea and Coastal) the visitors can get hand on experience on the actual fishing activities and watch the procedures in real life.

At the ‘Big O’, 8,000 events and shows will be performed over the period of the Expo. The water screen and the Mega Sea Water Fountain will play a new media show about a girl exploring the sea in holographic and 3D images. Other shows include art circuses and jetski performances participated by over 150 performers.

The first of its kind ‘Water Opera’ which is performed on a floating stage, street shows where the audience can participate, K-pop concerts on the weekends are also prepared. The Expo 2012 at Yeosu will be hosted from May 12th to Aug 12th of this year.

image : EXPO 2012 YEOSU KOREA 1

LG participated in the Expo 2012 as one of the seven companies to build an individual company pavilion. The LG pavilion was build based on the theme of Expo 2012, ‘The Living Ocean and Coast’; the motive of the outer design was based on what can be considered the first display, water. The used water is recycled and treated to avoid waste and contamination. The water wall helps maintain the temperature of the building, and the solar panels on the roof make the building more energy efficient.

image : EXPO 2012 YEOSU KOREA 2

The Media chandelier, the first attempt in the world on kinetic media art, is consisted of 54 display panels that move up and down individually. With the help of LTE smart phones, love proposal events and live broadcast on the Expo will be performed on the LG pavilion’s water screen. Visitors, while thinking about the future of the human race and the nature in the relaxing atmosphere, will be able to feel the eco-friendly technology and the management philosophy of LG.

image : EXPO 2012 YEOSU KOREA 3

LG, following the construction of the pavilion, used the leftover eco-friendly LG Hausys materials to make the furniture for the pavilion. Local artists and kids from the Yeosu orphanage ‘Sam Hye Won’ participated in the making of the furniture as well as providing many shows based on the LG motto, ‘Life is Green’. The furniture is to be donated to the orphanage after the Expo. LG Electronics supplied 7,948 solar panel modules to the solar power plant in the Expo’s Energy Park. This is expected to have an effect equivalent to reducing 1,600tons of greenhouse gas per year.

As the ocean and the coast like many other parts of the world are severely polluted, how about we take some time to think about the environmental issues at the Yeosu Expo? Come visit Expo 2012 and feel the Living Ocean with LG.